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Guide: Scheduling Your Complimentary Cabinet Design Appointment

Welcome to Cabinet World USA! We are excited to help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. To ensure we provide the best possible service during your complimentary design appointment, please bring the following items and information with you:

1. Room Measurements

Accurate measurements of your kitchen or bathroom are essential for creating a design that fits your space perfectly.

Please bring:

Floor Plan: A rough sketch or blueprint of your room, including:

  • Wall dimensions (length and height)

  • Locations of doors and windows

  • Placement of appliances (for kitchens) or fixtures (for bathrooms) ***How do I Measure my Space? Click Here**

2. Photographs

Photos of your current space help us understand the existing layout and any challenges or unique features. Please bring:

  • Overall Room Photos: Clear pictures of the entire room from multiple angles.

  • Detailed Photos: Close-up shots of key areas like corners, cabinets, and fixtures.

3. Inspirational Images

To help us understand your style and preferences, please bring:

  • Magazine Clippings or Printouts: Images of kitchens or bathrooms that inspire you.

  • Online Photos: Links or screenshots from websites like Pinterest, Houzz, or Instagram.

4. Budget Range

Understanding your budget helps us tailor our recommendations to meet your needs. Please be prepared to discuss:

  • Overall Budget: The total amount you plan to invest in your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • Specific Allocations: Any particular areas where you wish to allocate more or less of your budget (e.g., high-end countertops, budget-friendly cabinets).

5. Color and Material Preferences

Your preferences for colors and materials are crucial for creating a design you’ll love. Please bring:

  • Color Swatches: Samples or references for your preferred color palette.

  • Material Samples: Any samples of materials (e.g., tiles, countertops) that you already have or are considering.

6. Existing Appliances and Fixtures

If you plan to keep any current appliances or fixtures, please bring:

  • Model Numbers and Dimensions: Information about your existing appliances or fixtures that will remain in the new design.

  • Photos and Specifications: Pictures and spec sheets if available.

7. Questions and Concerns

Think about any specific questions or concerns you have regarding your project. This could include:

  • Design Challenges: Any particular issues you’ve faced in your current space.

  • Functional Requirements: Specific needs like more storage, better lighting, or accessibility features.

8. Appointment Details

Lastly, bring any information regarding the timing and availability for your project:

  • Preferred Timeline: When you’d like the project to start and be completed.

  • Scheduling Availability: Dates and times when you are available for follow-up meetings or installations.

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